this our chameleon (justwolf) wrote in where_no_woman,
this our chameleon

Claim Your Prompts for Darwin Fest

1. Visit the Darwin Prompts Post and find the prompt you want. Then -- assuming it hasn't already been claimed by someone else -- comment with CLAIMED. Now the prompt is yours!
2. Remember, you can only claim one prompt until 5th August 2013. After that, you can come back and claim up to two more prompts.
3. When you've picked out your prompts, claim a posting date here. Each comment thread represents a posting day. Comment to claim a space. No more than three people may post on a given day.
4. Sound easy? I hope it is! If not, the first comment thread on this post is for question/concerns. (ETA: If you want to participate but would like a different date from those listed below, let me know. Also, if the dates I've listed fill up, I'll add some more.)
Tags: !modpost, challenge: darwin fest
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