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~*~Vaginas¹ on the Enterprise~*~

Continuing in the theme of my picspam of minor female characters on DS9, it's...

(and beyoooooond!)
(¹ and beyooooooond vaginas as well, since not every woman has or needs one! This is where I apologize for the cisgender-privileged thinking that went into my title. Not cool.)

Funny thing about Star Trek XI: it's pretty much a brodeo, to use the technical term. We here, being contrary sorts, have made it our business to love and illuminate four women in the movie, only one of whom received any real narrative weight in and of herself. I love that we have done this, as I love the four of them. But another funny thing about Star Trek XI is that it is actually full of women -- they just don't have names or conversations or personalities that we get to hear about. They're there, delivering most of the incidental expository dialogue, pushing the buttons, and making the world look real. They flesh out the story. And because I'm me and this is apparently what I do, I bring some of them to you now. So that they can be seen on their own terms, and so that, I even dare hope, this might inspire us to tell their stories, too.

Star Trek XI and deleted scenes caps by Ariane's Star Trek Gallery, Trekcore, Screenmusings, and in one sad case myself. Title appropriated from affectingly, which is why you should be careful when saying hilarious phrases in my presence.


"...hailing decks seven through thirteen, we have confirmed casualties, sir..."

I love seeing a woman (of color!) who is clearly over thirty in a Starfleet position other than token Admiral. (Nothing against admirals, but they are rarely where the action is.) And so she gets two caps to kick this off, because I love her.

Though the composition of this shot seems to indicate Robau is turning to listen to this woman, she actually doesn't have a line. Just chillin', being attacked by Angry Future Romulans, that sort of thing.

In the future, hospital gowns will be exactly the same as they are today (hi Winona! <3), but nurses and/or doctors will have fabulous Joan Holloway-esque sheath dresses.

Or perhaps they can choose a more practical sartorial approach -- similar to the way regular Starfleet female officers can choose any combination of skirt, pants, and long or short sleeves.


Up is down on deleted-scene Vulcan, where the doctor/nurse/midwife/idk wears ear coverings...

...and Amanda, who is swathed in hoods throughout the finished film, doesn't! She is happy, because she is great and her husband's current oddly elfin appearance must be a source of great amusement. Also, baby.

Back in the film proper, this rather precious Vulcan girl recites the formula for a sphere's volume.


This fabulous visitor from 1960s London (one can only gather) is a prime example of the blacked-out eye makeup favored by the women of this film; she is also a prime example of dudes having a fight on her bar table. Overall, she seems to be taking it pretty well.

"Sit down or I'll make you sit down."

This woman is such a BAMF in her utter domination of McCoy, and I imagine her to remind him terrifiedly of Jocelyn at her own BAMFiest. Let's all join Jim in his look of awe as she leaves, lens flares of glory trailing in her wake.


Fix your gaze slightly right of center -- THAT, my friends, is a female cadet with a shaved head. :DDDD What do you think? Dyke of the future? Apolitical haircut? Something medical? While you ponder, also check out in the far right corner the two "ladies!" Jim calls to when walking down to steps with Bones.

I am happy for the sake of both Gaila's and Jim's characters that this scene was deleted, but visually it is a change.

I mean, I considered using this instead, but people being adorable in their underwear seemed inappropriate. (Just kidding. People can be adorable in their underwear in any picspam of mine any time! SPACE UNDERWEAR PARTY.)

And now is the time when we admire Nyota's stylish yet affordable eminently practical boots.


This, according to special features, is Madeline. Madeline is unimpressed by Sulu's initial attempt at ~punching it. Also, she has bronze eyes! I wish there would be more non-humans in this Starfleet, but Madeline is an excellent start.

Remember this blurry nurse whom Jim attempts to charm whilst being dragged leaking through the medbay?

You can see her when he wakes up! Check the pseudohawk! Totes fierce, bb.

Back on the bridge, next to Madeline, there's Hannity, upon whom Pike calls by name to inform him that all the rest of the fleet have dropped out of warp, and out of contact.


What's this?! Could it be... a lady Romulan??!?! Actually, I really can't tell. This particularly troubled extra does not have a line or full body shot for me to judge by (and perhaps it is none of my business). I do know, however, that shaved heads seem standard for male Angry Future Romulans, and this one instead sports a full head of hair pulled into a bun, and also that I would really like there to be a lady Romulan, so there you go.


This tactical officer is visible throughout the bridge scenes, seated by the edge of the viewscreen to Chekov's right. peri_peteia has proposed she may be our generation's own version of Charlene Masters, an idea I thoroughly endorse.

Originally brought in to woman Sulu's station while he's on the away mission, this girl takes over the Enterprise conn when Chekov leaves to beam Sulu and Kirk up.

Which he does because this lady can't do zat. We will not hold it against her, however!

This science officer warns that the black hole is expanding and minimum safety must be reached. She also flips many switches with great authority.

A Vulcan elder has survived the genocide!

I am hugely glad this scene was cut, as Jimmy T might not have survived his own douchiness had it made the finished product. However, this Orion girl is pretty rad and indicates against fanon that Gaila is the only of her kind in Starfleet, and that is pretty exciting. :D

Kiss aside, Nyota's short black nails were an absolute revelation for me. My obsession with fashion must be obvious by now. Yes, it's fun and pretty to look at. (Space underwear!) But moreover, in a movie fandom, sometimes visual clues are all we have to work with -- we learn about the cultures depicted by their fashions, and we learn about these women by the way they choose to present themselves. That Nyota keeps her nails neat but subversive tells me something about her. And these are the details that make a picspam worth making.


We've all spent a moment or a million gnashing our teeth over Amanda and Winona. But I think it's worth a moment to also contemplate the most egregiously fridged and objectified woman in all of Star Trek XI.

Maybe she has a story, too.
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