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questions: winona kirk

I know a few people have read the Star Trek novelization.

I haven't but I know there are things in there that weren't in the movie. Anyway, does it say anything about what Winona actually did in Starfleet? I know the writers have said, yes, she was in Starfleet (which absolutely excites me on a really stupid level) and they've said she was an officer (thank god, since that's the only way I could see her aboard during pregnancy) but did they say ANYTHING about what she did? I have this total obsession that she was in the sciences division but does it say anything to REFUTE that?

Because I'm not getting enough from memory alpha and, ugh, *bangs heads into wall and pokes almost-finished 2000+ word 'Winona is epic awesome and i need to explore the possibilities of this alternate universe' fic*
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