Missy (ever_obsessed) wrote in where_no_woman,

fic: the stars go on forever (stxi, winona)

Title: The Stars Go On Forever
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Winona Kirk; George, Sam, Jim
Disclaimer: Not mine, making no profit; I’m only playing in the greatest sandbox ever.
Spoilers: STXI, TOS
Beta: Once again, gidget_zb came running to my rescue when I needed her most. My love for her is as endless as my love for Cherry Garcia ice cream, truly. Any grammatical or canon errors in here are my responsibility; con-crit would be accepted with gratefulness.
Notes: I’m fiddling with some things in the universe. Have not read the novelization and what I know of Winona comes from memory alpha AKA the Most Useful Site Ever. Other than that, um, I just had fun with this, just working out the possibilities of nu!Trek and one of the things that bothered me in the TOS backstory.
Teaser: Jim always settles at her side, head tilted back, eyes open and fixed on the night sky.
Tags: canon: aos, canon: tos, character: winona, creative: fic, relationship: family
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