dickie (snortingcoke) wrote in where_no_woman,

fic - the flash of life (gaila-centric)

pairing/characters: gaila-centric with appearances by kirk, uhura, spock and pike.
author: snortingcoke
rating: idk pg-13 for mention of sexytimes
summary: as a response for this. 5 Conversations Gaila never got the chance to have
a/n: super long and angst ahoy! i usually hate writing fics where gaila is anything but alive because she's that awesome, but i felt in an angsty mood and was hitting a roadblock on the happy fics. so tada!

(i was feeling sad, can't help looking back. highways flew by. run run run away. no sense of time. want you to stay, want to keep you inside. all alone, i'm not so strong without these open arms. so hold on tight)
Tags: canon: aos, character: gaila, creative: fic, relationship: friendship, relationship: het
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