she who watches from the tallest trees (lune_and_asters) wrote in where_no_woman,
she who watches from the tallest trees

Fic: Atypical Prisoner Situation

Title: Atypical Prisoner Situation

Rating: PG-13

Character(s): Gaila, Uhura, Nurse Chapel, implied Spock/Uhura and Kirk/Gaila

Warnings: Non-graphic sex between an Orion and an elephantine humanoid. Talking about sex. Some swearing.

Summary: If it’s anything like her current experience, Christine Chapel can understand perfectly why Dr. McCoy gets drunk after his missions with Kirk and Spock go wrong.

Notes: This started with Gaila and Uhura snarking about getting kidnapped and Gaila getting laid in order to escape. Then Christine came…and then she pretty much took it over. Go figure. Pretty crackish, just to let you know. Also, these three = Second Power Trio.



Christine Chapel had been a good girl...
Tags: canon: aos, character: chapel, character: gaila, character: uhura, creative: fic, relationship: professional
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