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where_no_woman is one month old today! Some stats, as of 5 pm Pacific time:

295 members
338 watchers
54 member entries
30 fic posts
46 drabbles
Countless moments of joy and gratitude <3

In celebration, I bring you the third Where No Woman Has Drabbled Before Challenge: Extravaganza! In this round, no characters or canons are specified -- you are encouraged to mix and match prompts with any ladies from any Star Trek canon. I've split the prompts into 40 phrases/quotes and 15 words meant to evoke the creative spark in you all. Happy drabbling!

1) Prompts are not exclusive. There is no limit on the number of people who may write about a prompt, and there is no need to claim prompts.

2) Post responses in the comments and include the number & name of your prompt in the subject line. If the story is too long for comments, you may post it elsewhere and comment with the link.

3) Responses may be any length from a proper 100-word drabble to a multi-chapter epic.

4) There is no time limit for this challenge.

5) Although I did not post any pairing-specific prompts, this is not exclusively a gen fic challenge. If a romantic relationship will help illuminate the identity of your character, please feel free to write about one.

6) Please leave feedback, respond to feedback, and pimp this post around.

1. Mother night
2. I'm coming out
3. Truth is rarely pure and never simple
4. Strange new worlds
5. Just like a woman
6. You must make a killing
7. Emotional landscapes
8. Constant in the darkness
9. We could be glorious
10. I am no man
11. A face with a view
12. See the sky and remember
13. In the garden
14. God as my witness
15. After me comes the flood
16. Damsel in distress
17. In her hips there's revolution
18. A satisfied mind
19. Carry on
20. Wild I would be
21. Say yes
22. Hope lies in the wreckage
23. Wings twitch
24. When you move, I move with you
25. Enjoy the silence
26. Parting gift
27. At peace
28. When you dream
29. On the verge
30. I've got better things to do than survive
31. Tell it like a chronicle
32. More braver daughter
33. The sun doesn't go down
34. Declare independence
35. My trust in the constellations
36. A thrill to press my cheek to
37. The price we pay
38. Miss being Mrs.
39. Scope for imagination
40. Bread and water

41. Fashion
42. Delicious
43. Marrow
44. Hesitate
45. Open
46. Inheritance
47. Fascination
48. Lioness
49. Tangles
50. Smouldering
51. Shameless
52. Intentional
53. Mesmerizing
54. Breath
55. Glee
Tags: canon: aos, challenge: drabblefest, character: gaila, character: janeway, character: joanna, character: jocelyn, character: number one, character: ofc, character: uhura, character: winona, creative: fic
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