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Like I don't have enough to do, but...

liviapenn mentioned on her journal that she was thinking of creating a TOS Bechdel ficathon. I personally am a much bigger fan of the 24th century Treks, and while I don't like ENT I do like both its female leads, so I want to see a general Trek Bechdel ficathon, because aside from VOY Trek canon fails Bechdel all the damn time.

And then I thought, where_no_woman is great in part because it's a general fic community, *not* a fest, so *any* story you write centering on Star Trek women works. So what if there were a community for Bechdel-compliant Star Trek fic, and then if someone wants to run a TOS Bechdel fest with prompts and all, they could advertise it on the comm and people could post their stories there after the fest, but if you happen to have a Seven & Torres work together to save the ship from zombies fic lying around on your hard drive, you could also post there?

So I'm thinking about starting such a community for fic and art and vids and stuff. The definition of Bechdel-compliant, in terms of Trek fic, would be:

- main character is female, and if there are two mains they're both female
- at least 50% of the interpersonal interaction in the story is between female characters
- the female characters are interacting about a subject that has nothing to do with any male romantic interests, family members or friends.

For instance, if Troi and Crusher are talking about the medical treatment of the catatonic PTSD guy they rescued from the alien ship and how they can get him to feel safe and open up about what killed the rest of his crew, that's not "two women talking about a man", that's two women talking about their job. However, if the conversation's about Wesley, or Captain Picard in a non-job-related way (not "Deanna, do you think Captain Picard's been replaced by an alien shapeshifter?" but "Deanna, do you think Captain Picard's acting like he's under a lot of stress lately?"), it doesn't count.

Femslash counts because it's *male* romantic interests that are excluded. If the women want to talk about how much they've secretly wanted to boink each other but couldn't because Our Duty Stood In The Way, that's still Bechdel compliant.

All Trek would be welcome, as would AU-always-the-other-sex-genderswaps (I personally think that genderswap, very often, is specifically undertaken as a tool to redress the massive gender imbalance of canon, and on a comm that's all about female-female interaction I wouldn't want to exclude it. But only if they were always the opposite sex, because just changing James T. Kirk into a woman won't make him *be* a woman.)

Would anyone be interested?
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