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Who wouldn't want to hear your stories?
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July 8th, 2009 
skins // dog days are over
The onscreen ladies of Star Trek get a lot of love (and scrutiny). But what about the ones working behind the scenes? D.C. Fontana worked on several incarnations of ST, penned some of the most loved episodes of the original series and its spinoffs, and created several fascinating female characters, many of whom we're still writing and debating about today. Her career has spanned half a decade, and she's still coming up with new stories to tell.

In honor of Fontana's amazing work, I've put together a primer detailing her contributions, with quotes, photos illustrations, and links, here: a D.C. Fontana primer.  It also features a little info about the female characters Fontana created, including Amanda Grayson and Joanna McCoy.
If the mods disapprove of the topic (wasn't sure how dream casting was looked-on here), feel free to delete the post.

I was watching the Reboot earlier, and wondering what Nurse Chapel would have looked like, had she appeared. Does anyone have any actresses that they'd love to see play her in future films? Anyone's game, really. I've seen Kristen Bell suggested before, and I kind of like her in that role. But I'd also be curious to see who you guys think is made for the Starfleet blues.

Also, one of my favorites, Yeoman Rand, wasn't in the film. Who would you like to see cast as her? I have a harder time picking someone for her, and, unfortunately, haven't heard much actress speculation relating to her. I think it's because of her awesome hair, and how hard it is to imagine her as anyone else. ^^;;

Feel free to chime-in with dream casting for any TOS-era woman (Number One, Joanna McCoy, etc). I'd love to hear your opinions. ^^
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