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Who wouldn't want to hear your stories?
(easy to fix)
July 10th, 2009 
once. coming dawn.
Title: The Stars Go On Forever
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Winona Kirk; George, Sam, Jim
Disclaimer: Not mine, making no profit; I’m only playing in the greatest sandbox ever.
Spoilers: STXI, TOS
Beta: Once again, gidget_zb came running to my rescue when I needed her most. My love for her is as endless as my love for Cherry Garcia ice cream, truly. Any grammatical or canon errors in here are my responsibility; con-crit would be accepted with gratefulness.
Notes: I’m fiddling with some things in the universe. Have not read the novelization and what I know of Winona comes from memory alpha AKA the Most Useful Site Ever. Other than that, um, I just had fun with this, just working out the possibilities of nu!Trek and one of the things that bothered me in the TOS backstory.
Teaser: Jim always settles at her side, head tilted back, eyes open and fixed on the night sky.
Watch Me Burn
Title: When Death is Near
Author/Artist: forthisreason
Word Count: 200
Characters: Chapel, OMC
Rating: PG-13 (death, destruction)
Summary: When the Enterprise is attacked, Chapel receives a religious reminder from a dying patient.
A/N: Two people's religious views are brought up. If you are adamant that there is not a high power and are willing to speak up about it, then you probably shouldn't read this. I do not wish to bring up religious debate by this; I was prompted with "religion."
Title: The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Author: jedibuttercup
Character: Winona and Jim Kirk
Rating: PG-13 (gen)
Summary: "In some ways, she's been bracing herself for this call from the day Jimmy was born". 2500 words.
Notes/Warnings: Set just after "But Not Jim Kirk" in my sequence of gap fillers. (Completed June 26, during my vacation; any resonance with ever_obsessed's fic is purely accidental, and I urge you to read and enjoy that one first!)

Link to: The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
star trek (pike/number one)
Title: Her Hands
Author: LJC
Characters/Pairing(s): Pike/Number One
Rating: G
Summary: Her hands are strong and clever.
Note: Inspired by a prompt at the Pike/Number One Prompt Table.

Her Hands
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