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Who wouldn't want to hear your stories?
(easy to fix)
July 13th, 2009 
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
New to the community, bringing a rec and a fanmix, and some massive iconage later on!

what: victory march by starboardsided [ george/winona ]
why: A beautiful G/W vignette written by the George [for12minutes] to my Winona [widowing] at a private RP comm, that's heavy on headcanon personality infusion. ♥ Plus Lena's just a lovely writer.

Fanmix: (Sometimes) I Believe in Fate
Subject: George Kirk/Winona Kirk
Notes: Laidback optimism with a little bit of sorrow; mostly indie artists.

( music + art )
Text - scarred for life?
Title: I Am Your Child
Characters: Winona Kirk, Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Christopher Pike, cameos of the crew
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for occasional language
Word Count: 7,156
Summary: Jim Kirk’s relationship with his mother changes as he ages.

I Am Your Child

Only the words are mine, not the characters. X-posted.
there's always floristry
Title: The Hero's Lady Widow: Special Edition, Excerpt From The Exclusive Interview! (Three times Winona Kirk wasn't telling the whole truth when she said no to the interviewer, and one time she was.)
Author: possibly_thrice
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Winona/George, Winona/Frank
Summary: Exactly what it says on the can. Or the glossy subheader of the magazine special cover page. Thing.
A/N: I'm on a Winona splurge. More to follow.

Q1. Do you have plans for the future?Collapse )
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