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Who wouldn't want to hear your stories?
(easy to fix)
July 24th, 2009 
01:15 pm - fic: snapshot
[st09] winona!
This fic came of being two ways. 1. This community. Just browsing, my brain went, in it's muse-voice, "why not try writing Winona?", and 2. adding what this fic speaks of to a fic I'm writing. Now, you all make me want to explore Winona's character more.

title: snapshot
raiting: g
genre/pairing: gen, george/winona
words: ~300
summary: george and winona, before the kelvin ships out, capture the moment on film.
☂ (and now I'm eating your boyfriend.)
Thought I'd post this here as the TOS icons have a lot of Chapel and Amanda love, and there is a banner for Rand, Uhura, and Chapel. There is also a wallpaper for nu!Uhura. (And I'm sad I have yet to post anything here.)

Star Trek: The Original Series 44 icons (mostly of Journey to Babel) & 4 banners (1 of the female officers, 2 of The Enterprise, 1 of the trio)
Star Trek XI 64 icons & 1 wallpaper (of Uhura)

The rest are this way.
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