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Tagging! Also, Dreamwidth.

WOW, 98 members and 114 watchers in a day and a half? You are all amazing. ♥ Thanks so much to you all for getting the word out, starting discussions, writing fic, and generally rocking.

With this much volume already, it's obvious we're going to need a tagging system. Having given it some thought, here's the basic system I've come up with. I want to find a way to make the comm easy to navigate, easy for posters to self-tag and easy for me to maintain, so if you see any big gaps or problems with this system, please do speak up.


As I envision it, there are four five main categories for tags: canon:, [central] character:, creative:, relationship:, and rec:. The other main tag is "discussion," which I think would be difficult to categorize further. In the interests of keeping up uniformity, each subcategory will consist of only one extra word unless necessary -- in the case of the character tags, use the most easily identified single name for that character, and in the case of canon tags, use three-letter abbreviations where possible.

canon: tos
canon: tng
canon: ds9
canon: voy
canon: ent
canon: aos
canon: licensed

(Character: is the most troublesome category, since not all characters have two names and not all use the same naming system -- Bajoran surnames come first, for one. In the interest of consistency and calling characters by the names they most often use, Starfleet/other ranking characters who use their family names in their titles should be labeled that way. Otherwise, and for the Dax hosts, first name it is. Therefore, Yar/Troi/Crusher/Ro, but Lwaxana/Keiko. More examples below.)

character: uhura
character: jadzia
character: janeway
character: winona

creative: fic
creative: fanart
creative: vid
creative: picspam
creative: icons


rec: fic
rec: visual
rec: media
rec: discussion
rec: promo

relationship: family
relationship: femslash
relationship: het
relationship: friendship
relationship: professional

PLEASE USE THIS SYSTEM WHEN MAKING YOUR OWN POSTS. You cannot create new tags, so if your post needs a new tag, tag it ~pleasetag and a mod will take care of it. If you have any questions, comment here. If you are still unsure, tag your entry !other.

I put it to the community to mull over before I make it official because if there are any problems I'd like to catch them now. Too specific? Not specific enough? I thought about a genre: (het/femslash/gen) tag, but just in categorizing my own fic I always find that a bit dodgy, so I'd rather not inflict it on anybody else.

The other thing I'd like to put forth to you is the issue of a sister comm on Dreamwidth. I would prefer for the main community action to take place in one place (here!), because a house divided, etc. However, I know some of our members are also active on DWth and just in case you would be interested in mirroring your posts over there, I went ahead and reserved the comm name. I'm allchildren on DWth and if somebody more active on that site wishes to maintain the DWth version, I'm open to it. If anybody finds having a sister comm useful at all, that is. On hold until further notice.

The number of watchers went up by 2 and members by 1 in the time it took me to write this. Talky mod is talky, and you guys are the best. :D

EDIT: Less than two hours after this entry was posted, we have reached 100 members. *happy, happy, happy dance* We're gonna go far, y'all.
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