katmarajade (katmarajade) wrote in where_no_woman,

FIC: Four Times McCoy Calls Carol Marcus Sweetheart (PG, McCoy/Marcus)

Title: Four Times McCoy Calls Carol Marcus Sweetheart
Author: katmarajade
Pairing: Bones/Carol
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1081
Prompt: starting over
Summary: I think the title sort of says it all in this case …
Notes: Written for echoinautumn as part of my annual holiday gift fic series. Thanks, bb, for giving me this prompt. This is actually a story I'd been wanting to write but needed a push to do so. Hope it fits the bill.
Disclaimer: There are many schools of thoughts on the use of pet names/terms of endearment. This is a lot of my personal views on it and also a scenario that I think (hope!) my lovely giftee will appreciate. If you disagree with Carol's reactions/choices, that's absolutely fine, but please no comment lectures. I have and always will be a wank-free journal. *nods*

His legendary hand gets stuck in the activated torpedo, her last ditch Hail Mary to disarm it works, they find a cryogenically frozen 300-year-old man, and she forgets about the unwelcome pet name until later.
Tags: canon: aos, character: marcus, creative: fic
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