Alara Rogers (alara_r) wrote in where_no_woman,
Alara Rogers

Pan-Fandom Mature Women Ficathon opening up

I've been talking about having a ficathon to celebrate mature women (ie, women 40 or over) for some time, and I've finally gotten off my butt it together. I have no idea of the level of interest, so exact dates are still up in the air, but we'll roughly have prompt collection for two weeks, signups for two weeks, then a month to write stories and have the stories due in September approximately.

This would be a good place to propose prompts for AOS Winona Kirk or Amanda Grayson, as well as the assorted other women 40 or over from the other Treks, such as Lwaxana Troi, Beverly Crusher, TOS-movie-era Uhura and Chapel, Kathryn Janeway (Memory Alpha describes a great deal of vagueness about her exact age, but Kate Mulgrew was 39 when the series started, so she counts), Guinan, probably Number One (who had to have been around 40 by the time of TOS), and so forth.

Here are the relevant links:

Welcome post


Prompts collection

Pimp this around!
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