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Discussion/call for recs: "Winona Kirk is Not a Jerk!"

I'd like to enlist your help for a little project of mine that's quite in keeping with the fabulously positive mission of this community. I'm fixin' to create a comprehensive rec post entitled "Winona Kirk is Not a Jerk!" that'll be just what it says on the tin. To clarify, Winona need not be kicking ass and taking names to qualify; nuanced portrayals are well-loved, and "not a jerk" is not the same as "doesn't cause pain to her nearest and dearest." However, fics where Winona is a neglectful mother for reasons that are not explicitly and sympathetically explored and/or stories wherein she tolerates or participates in child abuse are NOT what we're going for, here.

Clearly, there's lots of fodder for the list here in this community, and I've been trying to comb through various other comms for likely-looking recs, but I am sure I am missing things.

In particular, I'm short on links to fics where Winona is *not* the central character, but is significantly present and a force for good. Is she super-awesome when she finally meets Kirk's significant other in your slash epic? Does she turn up as an active commander in that great Spock/Uhura one-shot you read last week? Is she one of "Five Things?" Lay it on me.

Thanks in advance for your help!

On a less positive side note, irritation at the strange prevailing fanon that Winona's at best neglectful and at worst an abusive mother got me actually writing in Star Trek fandom. I've got a longer discussion of this, and fandom's treatment of female characters in the Reboot here at my unlocked journal and I'd love to hear other people's experiences and reasons for becoming the kind of fan that loves where_no_woman and all it stands for, either here or back at my page.
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